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When I write kid’s books, the characters may be trying something new. Sometimes taking risks is good,  whether you’re perfecting new skills , or polishing the ones they have.  It’s important to plunge ahead toward your goal. Consider Chloe Kim. If you don’t know who she is, I imagine you’ll know soon. She has broken a record. Which one was it?  She’s the youngest winner of the X-Games competition! Chloe Kim was only fourteen when  she became the gold medal winner of the Super Piper Event This amazing prize didn’t come easily. She competed with a bandage on her face, which was the result of a nasty crash during a practice session before the competition. She showed a great deal of courage and determination, don’t you think? No matter what you do in your life there are always disappointments.

But these setbacks can serve to motivate you to succeed. During the last Olympics,  Chloe was too young to compete  But I imagine she knew her time would come if she persevered. What if she didn’t compete because she fell before the competition started? She would have missed her opportunity to win a gold medal. Wouldn’t that have been a shame? Chloe’s Dad always encouraged her. Even if she fell, he’d say, “It’s okay, Chloe, keep going.” She learned never to give up on her dreams.

Chloe began snowboarding at just four years old. Here are some comments from one of her coaches:

I’d say the nerves were there, but she thrives in that situation,” said one of her coaches, Benjamin Wisner. “I think every athlete gets nervous. But Chloe has a great attitude and a pretty strong mental game. She’s a great competitor. She can relax even in nervous situations. I’m sure there was some nerves, but she just loves to snowboard and she loves riding in front of a crowd.”

It would seem that Chloe surprised even herself. Here’s what she said after her gold-medal performance:

“I am just so amazed that I was able to land all that. It was so fun.”

Today, Chloe is one of the best snowboarding ladies in the world. She is dedicated to doing her best. In a competition in Colorado today, she won the gold medal in the event, although she fell on one of her moves. After the competition, a reporter interviewed her. Chloe said she was glad she tried that skill,even though she hasn’t practiced it lately. She realized she will improve with practice. Clearly, she has the  desire to excel in her sport and she isn’t afraid to take risks. That’s a great attitude, don’t you think?

My advice is to pursue your dreams. It’s the only way you may become a champion like Chloe Kim. Like Chloe I had a passion, but mine was horseback riding. But just like Chloe’s Dad, my family knew you never realize your dream if you give up.Remember, you can accomplish more than you think so don’t be afraid to take risks when necessary. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Congratulations, Chloe-winner of the gold medal in the half pipe Olympic event! You were spectacular. We are so proud all of your hard work and sacrifice paid off. May your dreams continue to be realized.



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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish big things.

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