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When I write kid’s books, I love to share positive messages. Maybe we’ll talk about changing things for the better. There may be a bully in the story, who needs to see that bad behavior isn’t the best choice. Recently, Robby Novak, also known as ” Kid President” talked about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. In one of his latest videos, Robby gives his views on the life Dr. King. Robby said, he likes to “treat everybody like it’s their birthday.” But when Martin Luther King, Jr. was growing up, “people didn’t do that. They judged people by the color of their skin.”  Dr. King didn’t think that was the right way to behave so he set out to change things. Robby said, “Things didn’t always go well for Dr. King, but he kept going.” Dr. King kept trying to make the world better for everyone. He marched with people to make things better. “He wanted to bring people together.” But if you have a dream, you should follow it and you might make the world a better place. Kid President  said he  knows that things “are not always awesome.” He hates the sad part of the story when Martin Luther King, Jr. dies because someone didn’t like what he was doing. But Robby said,”It happened.” so he has to include that in the story. Robby says if you don’t like something, work to change it and “Keep going, even when things are dark.” That’s good advice, don’t you think? If you keep trying, you’re bound to succeed.

Kid President has already written a kid’s book, “Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome.”  I’ll bet  he’ll  write many more kid’s books in the future. He’s a young man with amazing leadership skills and he’s using them to help others.

If you’re looking for kid’s books that stress the value of perseverance and helping others, you might like, Tails of Sweetbrier, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, or Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog, or Charlie the Horse.  The stories are all told by the animal characters. All of these books share positive messages like teamwork, helping others, changing your behavior, and using your talents. Whether you choose to write kid’s books, or anything else, I hope you work to change things for the better.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    I’d like to read “Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome.” I bet it has some good advice.

    I gave you a shout-out for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I believe you’ve already received it, but I want you to know that these stories you share are inspiring.

    • Thank you so much for choosing me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Sherry. You are so sweet and it’s an honor to be included for the award.
      Yes, I think the Kid’s President’s book would be fun to read and uplifting as well. I bet we’d both enjoy it.

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