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When I write kid’s books I start out with a plan. Maybe I want to tell a story about overcoming adversity. But it’s possible that things don’t go the way I intended. Maybe the story seems too boring, or too much like one that already exists. It could be that a better path exists. It’s only a matter of discovering it.

Let’s talk about Tyler Sexton. His parents weren’t planning on having a baby soon after their marriage. They definitely were not expecting the doctor to say their baby, Tyler, would never walk and would probably be blind. As if that wasn’t enough to overcome, the doctors decided their baby probably would have mental challenges  as well. Tyler has cerebral palsy, but he never let his handicap hobble him. He was out to prove that God had a different idea about what would happen in Tyler’s life.

Tyler appeared on Focus on the Family, where he recalled being in pain and and falling  so much that he got broken bones. He was constantly teased because of the braces on his legs. But, against all odds, he did learn to walk!

“But he’s such a positive person even as he tells his hard story. The motto of his story is: “people say no and God says yes.” He’s so glad that his parents “dared me to dream” — because once he believed he could be successful, he accomplished a lot!”

Tyler knows that attitude means a great deal and a positive attitude can propel you toward your goals.“I learned that I couldn’t let my circumstances define my attitude,” Tyler said. ‘His mom helped him realize the only thing that couldn’t be taken away from him was himself, his spirit, who he was. And if he wasn’t grateful for that, he wouldn’t find any joy in life.”  Isn’t that a great philosophy?

Can you guess what  career Tyler chose? He went to medical school and became a doctor! Isn’ t that astonishing for someone who was not supposed to walk and who was supposed to be mentally challenged? You never know what can be done through perseverance. Since Tyler knows so much about determination and perseverance, he never quits on his patients.

In my award-winning story, Tails of Sweetbrier, you’ll find that I faced some of the same obstacles Tyler did. But I never let it stop me from realizing my dream. I have always thought that perseverance was the key to success. Whether you write kid’s books, or anything else, you should set your goal and work toward it. If you write kid’s books, I hope you’ll include positive, uplifting messages. You might change minds with wonderful kid’s books.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    A good attitude is everything.

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