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When I write animals stories for kids, I may want to stress the importance of helping others and setting goals. If you have a challenging goal, like becoming an actress, you need to work diligently to accomplish it. Let’s talk about Quavenzhane` Wallis.( pronounced kwuh-VEN-juh-nay) She’s the little girl who has the lead in the remake of the movie, “Annie.” She is the youngest to ever receive an Oscar nomination. She was nominated for her role in a lesser-known movie called  Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was filmed in Louisiana, where Quavenzhane` lives. She was recently interviewed for “Time for Kids” magazine. Here are some of her questions and answers:

“What was your favorite song from Annie?

“I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here” was my favorite song to perform for Annie. I liked it because I got to do things that I would probably never be able to do at home, like dance on tables. If my mom caught me doing that, I would be in trouble.”

“There were lots of other kids in the movie. What did you do when you weren’t filming?”

“We did homework, dancing, joking around, or singing.”

“Was it difficult to work with Marti, the dog playing Sandy in the movie?”

She wasn’t really difficult. You might thing you have to train yourself to train the dog, but it really wasn’t that hard. She was so cute and she was trained really well and she was really fun. If she made any mistakes, she could correct it right off the bat.

“You want to be a vet. Did working with Marti help inspire that?”
Yes, that did inspire me. The trainers and I got along very well and they helped me do stuff with Marti because they knew that I wanted to be a veterinarian.

I wonder if Quavenzhane` will decide to write animal stories for kids after she becomes a Vet. I’ll bet it would be a wonderful story. If you like animal stories for kids I bet you’d love my new book,  Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. In this entertaining adventure, the animals tell the story. You’ll meet Wooliam the sheep, Hattie the chicken, Elliott, the dog, and Bentley bulldog.  Hattie is very upset when she sees the headline in The Gazette. She makes a plan to help her friends.This book highlights teamwork and friendship.  I hope it’s one of your favorite animal stories for kids. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    It’s nice to learn a little more about the actress who plays Annie in the new movie.

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