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Children’s books might emphasize all kinds of important values. Sometimes they stress the importance of helping others. I’ll bet most little children that you’ve met ask for expensive gifts when it’s near their birthday. Not Mia Montgomery. She had a different idea in mind. She wanted to help homeless people. She had taken a trip to New York and she saw a homeless man lying on the floor. Her dad said, “There was a lot of homeless people that she saw on the curb and on the street, and it affected her in a way she could not comprehend that people were living that way.”

The first idea that Mia had was to distribute “blessings bags” to the homeless. Each bag would contain gloves, a sandwich, a handwritten note from Mia, fruit, a granola bar, and a hat. But when the local businesses heard about the plan, they wanted to help out. Retail stores like Shop Rite, BJ’s Club, and Heim Pure Foods all contributed so that they could serve hot meals along with Mia’s blessings bags. Camden’s Life Assembly Ministries assisted by opening their doors and feeding 300 homeless people. We know Mia’s efforts had a big impact on peoples’ lives. Lance White said, “I’ve been sleeping in the streets for thirteen months. “White, a dad himself, says the gesture from this little girl impacted him in a big way. It gave me a better outlook on my situation cause I was ready to go do some crazy things. Now, I’m not going to go do those things,” he explained.

When Mia was just 5 years old, she started a toy drive for less fortunate children. She sets a wonderful example for others don’t you think? She may decide to write children’s books about her experiences when she gets older. She may share her thoughts with others and make the world a happier place.

If you like children’s books about helping others, you’d love my new book, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog. During this exciting adventure Charlene the Star sets a lofty goal for herself. Hattie the Chicken must make a plan to help save her friends from a terrible sadness.  I hope you choose to have this story become one of your favorite children’s books.

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