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If you love writing kid’s books you are encouraged if they brighten the day or lift the spirits of just one child. What if you did much more than that?  Imagine actually saving a child’s life. Let’s talk about the recent experience of Abby Snodgrass. She’s a high school senior in Missouri. She happened to be shopping at Walmart when she heard an announcement on the loud-speaker that there was an emergency. Abby ran toward the crowd of people. Someone in the crowd asked if anyone knew CPR. Abby had just learned it in school a couple of weeks earlier. Someone in the crowd mentioned that she was a nurse years ago, but that she thought Abby should do the CPR. Abby saw that it was a tiny one year old baby girl who needed the CPR. She knew that the technique for babies was totally different from the one for adults. She held the baby on her forearm and preformed CPR with two fingers. Then she flipped the baby on her back and repeated the procedure. What was Abby thinking during this time?Abby said thoughts were creeping into her mind about the possibility that the CPR would not work, but “pushed it out of her mind” because she knew she had to keep going with the CPR.  In about a minute, the little girl started breathing again! Isn’t this an amazing story of a young lady who truly saved a child?

Guess what else might surprise you about Abby? She’s a member of the National Guard and she wants to become an emergency room doctor someday. Don’t you think she has a bright future? I’ll bet she’s destined to become a marvelous doctor. Abby could even encourage  children to write kid’s books about ways to help others.

In the third of my kid’s books, Charlene the Star, some of Charlene’s animal friends work together to have a fair so they could help other animals who are orphans, or whose parents are struggling with finances. Wooliam the sheep sells homemade lemonade at his lemonade shack. Other animals make things for the fair. In the sequel Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, Charlene and her friends start their own business to help others. These kid’s books are good examples of entertaining, character-building stories. I hope if you read them they become two of your favorite kid’s books.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    That was awesome that Abby was able to save a life! She has a brave, good heart!

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