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Whether you write kid’s chapter books or anything else I think perseverance is a big part of success. It’s heartwarming to see proof of how determination can help you succeed. Have you heard the story of Ileana Delgado? She wanted to be a cheerleader, but that presented quite a challenge for her because Ileana is deaf. If you’re thinking she got a place on the  cheerleading squad of Downey High School because there wasn’t much competition you’d be way off base. Here’s what the coach says:

Cheerleading coach Leslie Patterson says, “I put her on because Ileana earned it. She tried out just like any other girl. She worked hard just like any other girl and her scores fell within the lines just like any other girl.”

Coach  Patrick Smith says, “She’s really good at picking up things but it can be a challenge — as far as the timing goes — because she still can’t hear and so she has to look and has to react to whatever the other girls can hear.” For example, instead of a normal countdown, the coach has to tap Ileana to let her know it’s her turn. When she’s done well, instead of clapping, the girls twist their hands in the air. She also has an interpreter, provided by the Los Angeles County Office of Education, communicating with her. If the interpreter is not there, Ileana is reality good at reading lips. Seriously, there is nothing stopping this girl! She says she wants to serve as a good example that no matter what your circumstance, with hard work, you can accomplish anything.”

Ileana has a wonderful attitude and she has proven that nothing will stop her from reaching her goals.

The first of my kid’s chapter books ,Tails of Sweetbrier, I detail my autobiography about a little girl who dreams of becoming a champion horseback rider, even though she has to overcome some lofty odds. I  love kid’s chapter books that highlight perseverance.  Try not to let others discourage you from following your dreams. Find kid’s chapter books with uplifting messages to remind you that all things are possible if you never give up.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    that is so awesome! I commend Ileana for not allowing a disablity to stop her.

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