Good kid’s books: teamwork

My goal is to write good kid’s books to encourage children to reach for their dreams. One important thing to remind them about is the value of perseverance. Without it, the journey to success is often too difficult. It may become easier to push your dreams aside.

Let’s talk about Ciara Judge, `Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy the three Irish ¬†teenagers who won won the Google Science competition in 2014. Each of the girls are fifth year students at Kinsale School, which is renowned for students who excel in Science. What was their project about? They discovered that a bacteria called diazotroph helps speed up the process of growing crops by taking nitrogen from the air and putting it into the soil. They did extensive research to prove their discovery was correct. How do we know that? They planted 13,000 seeds! Their research was proven to reduce growing time by forty percent.

Sophie, `Emer, and Ciara have been chosen to be part of Time Magazine’ s Most Influential Teenagers Award. They expect that their discovery will help solve the hunger problem that affects many people worldwide. In order to win the competition they beat sixteen other finalists and thousands of competitors from over ninety countries. Imagine how honored they must feel! ¬†Among the prizes the trio will win is a 10 day trip to Galapagos Islands, a $50,000 scholarship from Google, and a chance to be trained as astronauts. They’ve done a great job working together to discover something amazing that could change the world. Imagine what could happen if the girls team up to write good kid’s books about their research. Amazing things could happen.

If you’d like to read a story that highlights the value of friendship and teamwork, you’ll love my children’s story Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. Charlene the Star is a beautiful red horse who is searching for something exciting to do in her spare time. She and her animal friends, Hattie, Wooliam and Elliott work together to help others. They find creative ways of solving problems. You may even choose to download a free chapter of this book. I hope that if you choose to read it, you’ll find it’s one of your most cherished good kid’s books.

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