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When I write children’s books I love for them to share messages about caring and helping others. It’s important to think of others in every situation. Have you heard about Melanie Bailey and the thoughtful thing she did during the EDC Cross Country Championship Race?  Melanie was leading the race. She had nearly reached the finish line. Most teenagers would have been dreaming of the glory of reaching the finish line first. Instead Melanie was about to become a local hero.  She saw one of her competitors sitting on the side of the course, injured. Melanie immediately stopped and asked Danielle LeNoue to hop on her back so they could reach the finish line together. Not only did Melanie pass the finish line carrying Danielle on her back, she ran another 300 feet to the first aid center so that Danielle could be examined by the medical staff. It turned out that Danielle had torn a tendon in her knee. What did Danielle think about her unexpected rescue?

What does Melanie think about her decision? ““I feel like I was just doing the right thing,” she said. She further explained, “”That’s the thing. A person is forever. A race just lasts 25 minutes.”

Danielle has thoughts about what happened in the race.  She said, “So nice,”  “She didn’t have to do that. How many people ran past me? And she stopped.”

Before the race the two competitors weren’t friends, but now they correspond regularly on social media. Neither of the girls won the race, but they showed the value of caring and sportsmanship, which is more valuable to me than winning.

If you want to read children’s books that highlight the value of caring, sharing and sportsmanship, you’d enjoy  Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. Hattie the chicken and her friends work together to solve problems. They show the value of caring for others and sharing their talents. I hope you enjoy it. You may even decide Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes is one of your most loved children’s books.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    What a really nice thing that young lady did!

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