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When I write a  non-fiction book for kids, I love to inspire readers to reach for the stars. It’s okay to have big dreams, even if some people think they’re unlikely to come true. Little eleven year-old Adrianna Kenebrew is a perfect example. She’s a little girl with huge aspirations. She wants to be a gold medal winning gymnast  in the Olympics, even though she  is legally blind  from  glaucoma. Adrianna was born with the eye disease and she’s already had twelve surgeries to help control it.  She is legally blind, but her Mom said Adrianna has never said, “I can’t.” Adrianna has loved gymnastics since she was four years old, but her interest became even more intense after watching the 2012 Olympic gymnast, Gabby Douglas.

Here are Adrianna’s comments after watching Gabby Douglas perform: “I just really want to be Gabby Douglas because she is really kind and she’s a role model for everyone,” she said. “It’s just fun to move around and swing, flip and tumble. My favorite event would be floor or bars. I feel like I totally got it.”

Adrianna has recently had surgery on her eyes. Her doctor, Dr. Chang, has said her form of glaucoma is “very aggressive” and it would take “several months’ to see how successful the procedure was.

In spite of her surgeries, Adrianna has not missed too much time away from the gym. Her favorite things to do in her gymnastics class are the balance beam and the floor exercises. She is focused on her long-term goal: ““I think what I want to be is the first visually impaired gymnast to win gold at the Olympics,” she said.

I hope that she is able to reach that lofty goal.  She could even write a non-fiction book for kids about her Olympic experience.  That would be truly amazing.

You may know that I’m the author of four children’s books. The first of those is a non-fiction book for kids called Tails of Sweetbrier. It details my journey from a handicapped child to a champion horseback rider.It will show you that nothing is impossible if you persevere. I hope you enjoy it and it becomes one of your most beloved non-fiction book for kids.

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  1. Wow. That is so awesome! Way to make a pregnant woman tear up. I’m going to be watching for Adrianna in the Olympics.

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