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When I write kid’s books, I  want them to be remarkable. I hope they have a special element that makes children and parents remember them and learn something valuable. Sometimes in life you experience an amazing turn of events that can change someone’s life. Stacey Bastein is  a nurse who had a stressful day at work. She was running late on her journey home when she saw there had been an accident. Three boys were riding bikes and crossing the street when one of them, Jacob Murphy, was hit by a car. When Stacey arrived, she noticed the young boy wasn’t breathing. The other people at the scene helped her turn Jacob so she could perform CPR. After four rounds of CPR, Jacob began breathing on his own. At first, Stacey didn’t recognize Jacob as one of her neighbors, but after a few minutes, she realized one of the people who helped her was Jacob’s dad, Mike. Later, Mike said, “Stacey was definitely Jacob’s guardian angel that day.” He believes she was placed there that day to help him.

Jacob suffered a broken leg and traumatic brain injury. He spent weeks in the hospital before he was transferred to the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh. The good news is that Jacob is home now and his dad reports “He’s doing better every day.” Along with many others around the country, I wish Jacob a full recovery. Perhaps one day he will write kid’s books about his experience so they know his thoughts about that day.

The first of my kid’s books is Tails of Sweetbrier, an award-winning autobiography about a little girl who wanted nothing more than to become a champion horseback rider, in spite of her handicap. Are you wondering why I wrote this book? I want  to inspire children and show them that anything is possible. You can prevail, even against the odds. Whether you love writing kid’s books, sports, music, or anything else, I hope you always follow your dreams and never give up.

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