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When I write kid’s chapter books I often encourage friendship. Children who have close friends feel appreciated and loved. What about the shy children or the ones who may be new in school? Are you helping to welcome them? Nathan Pareyra knows that sometimes kids feel lonely when they’re on the playground. He’s an eighth-grade student at Scott’s Ridge Middle School. He wanted to create a special place for kids to sit and relax while they were outside.He came up with a great idea. Nathan created a bench, engraved with Ridgebury Buddy Bench on the back.  Here are Nathan’s thoughts about the project:

“The purpose was to help kids who are lonely at recess have a place to go to and encourage other kids to be nice to them and make friends,” he said. He recently installed the final buddy bench at Scotland, Veterans Park, and Ridgebury elementary schools.  Nathan went on to  explain more about the construction of the benches:

“They are made with recycled plastic lumber and have steel frames. Each bench is in its school’s colors, engraved with the school’s name, and are splinter  and maintenance-free, Nathan said. He also made a special effort to thank everyone who helped make the project a success. I think Nathan showed genuine compassion for others when he had the idea of building benches to encourage kids to sit together and chat. Anything can happen when you start talking with kids you don’t know. You could find out some fantastic facts you never knew about someone.

Have you ever chosen a kid’s chapter book just because you liked the cover? I’ll bet you have. But remember the cover isn’t everything. You could find incredible, funny or educational things in a book with a plain cover. One of my kid’s chapter books is called Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. In this entertaining kid’s chapter book, Charlene is a beautiful, talented red horse. She and her animal friends are looking for a new career. You’ll be surprised what they decide to do. They make a great team and they learn the value of friendship and teamwork.. Some of the animals discover talents they didn’t know they had.  I hope you’ll check it out because it could become one of your favorite kid’s chapter books.

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