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If you write kid’s chapter books you might want them to highlight how important it is to help others. You might want to emphasize sharing or teamwork. You could decide to have the main character make people feel special and loved. Mariah Bailey is twelve years old and she already has her own company called Trending Change. What is Mariah’s passion? She loves to help homeless people. She discovered how much she enjoyed helping less fortunate people when she helped her dad, who would anonymously assist the homeless in their neighborhood. Mariah’s Dad has a company called “Sidewalk Angels.” Mariah makes a great deal of effort to ensure that every homeless person knows they are loved. Here’s Mariah’s thoughts on her experiences with her dad. “After being with him on so many occasions, I started to get to know the people that he helped,” Mariah said. “I started to learn about who they were as people and started building a friendship with them.”

Are you wondering how a twelve year-old would start her own company? Mariah chose to use the money from gifts she would have gotten for Christmas to start  Trending Change.  She also raised money through various fundraising campaigns. She collected over $1,100 dollars to make “blessing bags” for her homeless friends. She would include essential things in every small bag, but the most extraordinary thing is that she included a personal note with each one.

“My goal is to let the homeless know that they have not been forgotten and that they are loved,” Mariah said. For people who are homeless, there are a few outlets for them to find food and a shelter. However, no one at these homeless shelters are obligated to show compassion. “Sometimes people are starving for more than food. Sometimes they are starving for love. “

Mariah is an amazing little girl who is making a difference to many people. She is sharing her talents with others. She may even write kid’s chapter books someday to inspire children to follow her lead.

If you like kid’s chapter books that show the value of sharing, teamwork and helping others you’d enjoy my book, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. Charlene is a beautiful red horse who is looking for an exciting career for herself and her animal friends. They have a great idea and they have creative ways to help their friends overcome fears and reach their goals. If you read it I hope it becomes one of your favorite kid’s chapter books.

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