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When I was growing up I never imagined I’d be an award-winning author of animal stories for kids. I thought I’d be teaching horseback riding forever. I grew up at a riding school so horses were my passion.  In my wildest dreams I didn’t envision being the creator of four animal stories for kids. I couldn’t imagine having any other abilities. But you never know what you might discover. Some people discover their talents at a young age. Sarah Gonzales is one of those people.  She was eight years old when she found that she loved helping younger children. When she was a summer day camp she loved helping little kids with arts and crafts, or other activities. Before long she became a leader because counselors noticed how well she related to  children. She was given more responsibility and proved she could manage it well.  When she was in middle school she helped at the Easton community center. Children with special needs were enrolled at the community center. Those children’s lives were brightened by Sarah’s efforts and she began to shift her focus to children with disabilities. Sarah had found where she fit in.

“My heart went out to them,” she said. “They needed a friend as much as I did. I figured we needed each other.”

Sarah had a huge impact on the children. There was a young boy with an illness, along with emotional difficulties with whom she had a close bond. She impacted his life, as well as the lives of his family members. While she was working at the community center Sarah helped plan activities for the children. Sarah also makes very nice videos of the children. They say she’s a “great movie director.” She makes whatever they do a lot of fun to accomplish.

 What do the kid’s think?  They say, “Sarah’s the best counselor in the whole wide world!” She and the kids she loved were a great fit.

In the third of my animal stories for kids the tale involves a beautiful red horse named Charlene the Star. The book is called Charlene the Star. Charlene comes from a family of famous racehorses. Everyone assumes she will become a racehorse as well. But Charlene is bored with racing. She finds some creative ways to tell her trainers she doesn’t like racing. She yawns. She hops up and down during temper tantrums. Finally her trainers realize she needs to have a career different from her friends. It’s an important message for children today. I hope you enjoy it and it becomes one of your favorite animal stories for kids.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    It’s good when you can use your talent to help others!

  2. Horse stories are HUGE with kids. I never caught the horse bug when I was young, although I had tons of friends who did. I’m more of a girly girl–into shopping and girly stuff!

    • That’s okay, Stephanie everyone has different tastes. But it’s true that many kids love horses and other animals. Thank you so much for stopping by to read stories posted on my website. I hope you visit again. Best wishes.

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