Kid’s chapter books: dedication

When I write kid’s chapter books, it takes dedication. Some days I would rather relax, or do something else. But if I want to reach my goal, I must persevere. I believe you need determination if you want to succeed, no matter what your objective is.

Little Vivienne Harr is well acquainted with the value of dedication and setting goals. She had a big dream. She was determined to help other people in the world who had fewer “opportunities and freedoms” than she did.   When she saw a picture of  small children doing  the hard work that adults usually do, she set out to change that..Her aim was to raise money for charity by selling lemonade every single day of the year and earn $100,000 so that kids around the world could play and enjoy their lives. Her’s what Vivienne said about her venture:

“Sometimes, it was hard for me, when the weather was bad or I wasn’t feeling well,” Vivienne says. “But I knew that other kids were having a harder time than I was at that very moment.” Don’t you think it’s amazing that she has such compassion for others and is willing to dedicate her efforts to helping them? Vivienne might have been surprised when she reached her goal after 175 days. But she kept working so she could improve the lives of more children.

Vivienne and her family started a company called “Take a Stand.” Today her lemonade is sold in 130 stores. She only keeps a small amount for expenses, but most of the proceeds are spent to help children have better lives. Great job,. Vivienne!

You may know that I love writing kid’s chapter books that promote good values. One of my kid’s chapter books is Charlie the Horse. In the story Charlie wants to become a famous racehorse. The trouble is, he doesn’t focus on his work. He likes to nibble on daffodils while he’s training. But he soon learns if you want something you must set goals and work toward them. Charlie tells the story himself so young readers get to know his adorable personality and amusing thoughts. If you read Charlie the Horse, I hope you are entertained and you learn some helpful lessons. It may become one of your favorite kid’s chapter books.

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