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Did you expect to become a children’s author or did the talent to write take you by surprise? When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was ride horses and teach riding. I had no idea I’d become the author of four children’s books. Eleven year-old Peter Cestaro was born with autism. He barely spoke and refused to look into anyone’s eyes. But something amazing happened when Peter was 5 years old. Peter attended a church party that featured karaoke. He happened to be handed the microphone and he couldn’t wait to sing his favorite song, “Apple Bottom Jeans.” Peter’s Mom, Julie, was so amazed she cried. She said she knew Peter had “a special gift.” She couldn’t believe that Peter had memorized the song and his voice was “so beautiful.”  Peter’s voice isn’t his only talent. He also tap dances, break dances, plays drums and piano.

Today Peter isn’t the least bit shy.  He works very hard to learn some subjects at school, but his musical talents are helping him a great deal.He’s recorded a video called “Mirror” which is already becoming an internet sensation. Peter refuses to stop practicing a song until all of the notes are perfect. His said, “his idols are Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.” Perhaps the three of them will perform together some day. Last year Peter won first place in a talent contest called “Ticket to Broadway.”  He has big dreams and I think he’ll have remarkable success.

Sometimes you never know what natural gifts you have until you try different things. I had expected to become a Medical Coding specialist after studying it. But I didn’t find a job using those skills. One day I had a strong intuition to write the first of my children’s books, Tails of  Sweetbrier. You can imagine how nervous I was wondering if it would even be published. But the amazing thing is not only was it published, but it won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards. It’s also a finalist in the Clippa Awards. I’m blessed to be using my abilities as an author of children’s books. Tails of Sweetbrier is a true story of my journey from a handicapped child to a champion horseback rider. I would urge you to always follow your dreams because anything is possible. I hope that Tails of Sweetbrier becomes one of your favorite children’s books.





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