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No matter how many great kid’s books you create, it’s important to value humility. I love writing  kid’s books with important life lessons. My goal is that the readers consider them great kid’s books. Did you know that this year the National Spelling Bee crowned 2 champions for the first time?  Sriram Hathwar, an eighth grader from New York and Ansun Sujoe , a seventh-grader from Texas, became co-champions when they misspelled  a word  during the same round  competition. Is there any jealousy between them? Here are Sriram’s comments: ““We both know the competition is against the dictionary, not against each other,” Sriram said. “I’m happy to share the trophy with him.”

Ansun shared his thoughts with this comment: “I like sharing the victory with someone else,” he said. “It’s been quite shocking and quite interesting, too. It’s very rare.”

Sriram has competed in the National Spelling Bee a total of 5 times. He finished in third place last year. This year he invited his grandmother to come from India and attend the Spelling Bee.  She said, “The trip was worth it.” Sriram expressed some of his views during an interview.

Sriram indicated that the experience of competing in the spelling bee was “full of life lessons.” He mentioned that “humility” was one of those lessons. He said  acceptance was also important so one can be as “gracious” as possible, win or lose.  He referred to the spelling bee as a “Great character-building experience.” He’s a young man with tremendous wisdom, don’t you think? Imagine the great kid’s books they could craft about their experience at the Spelling Bee.

Ansun’s mother explained that this was his second  try at the Spelling Bee.   Winning the Spelling Bee was a “dream of his since second grade,” she added. Ansun said he was “pretty disappointed last year” when he didn’t make the  finals. But he “made a furious comeback” this time. Ansun’s mom said he had “great faith that he would succeed this time.”

Both Sriram and Ansun will receive $30,000 prize money for their extraordinary efforts in the Spelling Bee.

Like Sriram, I believe no matter how good you become at your work, there is always room for improvement. Humility is important, as is sharing with others. Sriram and Ansun were proud to share their trophy. If you’d like to read  great kid’s books about sharing, you might consider my book, “Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes.”  It’s full of lessons on sharing and teamwork as the animal characters work to solve various problems. I hope you enjoy the story and consider it to be one of your favorite great kid’s books.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    It’s very important to remain humble and grateful, no matter how well-known we become, or how much we accomplish!

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