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When you write kid’s chapter books, you want them to be the best you have to offer. No matter what you do, be sure it reflects your best effort. Your best effort might even elevate you to role model status.  Speaking of role models, have you heard about thirteen year-old Mo’Ne Davis? She’s a young baseball pitcher who has shot to fame overnight. But, her mom, Litisha McLain, was overcome with emotion when she said,“I’m just so, so happy for her. She’s humble; she’s calm. Nothing ever bothers her.” Mo’Ne is pitching in the Little League World Series. She’s already gathering thousands of fans. In one game, she beat her opponents by a score of 4-0. Everyone in the stands was cheering. Strangers wanted to meet the young lady who wasn’t dating the boys, but “dominating’ them.  One of the coaches for the team she pitched against admitted it was “A Mo show out there.” Mo’Ne said she was “nervous going into the game.” But before long her Tennessee team jumped to a 3-0 advantage.It seems that she’s a young lady with a plan. Here are her thoughts on the game: ““The nerves went away, and I just went out there and had fun,” she said, adding: “I settled into the game as it went by. I got to know the umpire’s strike zone, so that helped me out a lot.” In all the years that Little League baseball has been played there have been a total of 9,000 players. But  only 18 of them have been girls. Are you wondering what Mo’Ne thinks about that? She said, ““It’s very unreal. I never thought that at the age of 13 I would be a role model, but now it’s real. I always wanted to be a basketball role model; being a baseball role model is really cool.” Mo’Ne is astounded by being called a role model. In fact that’s one of my goals as well.

All four of my kid’s chapter books; award-winning Tails of Sweetbrier, Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star, and Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, are filled with important life lessons. One of my goals is to become a role model, someone who is an example that others wish to follow. If you choose to read these entertaining kid’s chapter books,  I hope they become among your favorites. If you like kid’s chapter books about animals, I think you’ll have fun reading them.

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