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You can write children’s books to entertain, to educate, to introduce life lessons, or for most any reason. Whatever you do in your life, you would love to make a positive difference and change lives. Imagine the impact you could make. Today we’re going to talk about the story of little boys who are best friends. Their names are Brayden Grozdanich and Quinn Callender. They’ve been friends since Kindergarten. Both of them live in British Columbia. Brayden has Cerebral Palsy,which is a condition where parts of the brain are damaged. Sometimes the damaged areas involve motor skills or speech. Brayden needs to have physical therapy sessions to help him with getting around. Brayden’s exercises were painful because his muscles are so tight. There is a type of surgery called Perc lengthening,  where the doctors make tiny cuts in tendons to help them relax. The problem was that this surgery costs about $18,000. When Quinn saw how much discomfort his friend endured during therapy, he made a plan to raise the money for Brayden’s operation.  Quinn worked together with Brayden’s family and they started a lemonade stand, along with raising money online. Quinn’s goal was to raise $20,000. Guess what happened? They raised over $61,000! Isn’t that amazing?  Brayden had the surgery yesterday. His therapist, Brenda Horton,  said, ““I just think it will be a completely different boy that we see,” his physical therapist Brenda Horton, said. She continued, “And his independence is going to be much greater than it was before.”

Perhaps one day Brayden and Quinn will write children’s books together. They might write about how important it is to set goals. In the second of my children’s books, Charlie the Horse, Charlie needs to learn how important it is to have something to work toward. Brayden and Quinn might decide to highlight how important it is to have a good team working with you when you want to accomplish big goals. In the latest of my four children’s books, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, the animal characters changed the lives of their friends by working together. Many wonderful things can be accomplished, whether you want to write children’s books, excel in sports, or music, or anything else.

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