Good kid’s books: Fear not

What if you’ve always wanted to write good kid’s books, but you are afraid to try. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with fear, especially if you want to write good kid’s books. You’re afraid you won’t have a great idea. Then you get an idea, but you’re afraid no one will want to publish it. But in order to succeed, you must persevere. Sometimes when we think something is impossible, we get a stunning reminder. Think about six year-old Alex Pring, who was born without a  right arm. It was becoming more and more difficult for Alex to do things he enjoyed. His parents had a dilemma because their insurance company wouldn’t approve paying $40,000 to build a prosthetic arm for Alex. His mom decided to post an article online about Alex’s problem. Alex’s story caught the attention of engineering student,  Albert Manero.  Albert spoke to his friends and was determined to help Alex, especially after he heard about someone who build an artificial hand using a 3-D printer. Albert worked with some of his fellow students, who were studying mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.  In about 7 weeks, they created a large version of a plastic arm that worked by sensing the muscle movements in the shoulder. One of the largest companies 3-D printer companies in America, Stratasys, helped by donating supplies.  Now Alex has a working arm! He hugged is mom for the first time! Of course, Albert, got a big hug too. Naturally, everyone was overcome with joy. When Alex outgrows his new arm, it will cost about $50. to build a new hand. The whole 3-D arm cost $350. so it’s much more affordable for Alex’s parents.

Now you’ve read Alex’s remarkable story. You know that anything is possible if you persevere. That’s an important message conveyed in my award-winning true story, Tails of Sweetbrier. The judges of the Feathered Quill Book Awards, must have felt it was one of their best good kid’s books because they gave it the silver medal in the contest!  Of course, before the story was published, I had fears about it. But you never know what  can be done until you try. Whether your dream  is to create good kid’s books,  become a champion in your sport, or anything else, don’t let fear of failure ruin your dream. Alex has no need to fear anything. He could even write good kid’s books about his experiences some day.


copyright Deanie Humphyrs-Dunne, 2014



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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    It takes a lot of perseverance to be an author!

  2. What an inspirational post!
    Great message.
    Thanks Deanie!

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