Kid’s Chapter books: be persistent

What if you’ve been writing kid’s chapter books, but you haven’t succeeded in reaching your goals? Does it mean you must give up your dreams?  No matter what, you should find a way to do what you love.  Nine year-old Spencer Collins loves to read so much that he wants to help others unlock the adventures in books.  He had a wonderful idea that he could help others discover the magic in books. He wanted to start his own little library in his yard as a Mother’s Day gift to his Mom.  Spencer’s Mom was an elementary school teacher and she’d heard of someone doing this. His tiny building was about the size of a bird house. Spencer encouraged people to “take a book and leave a book I like checking the little library to see what books have been taken and what new ones are left.”  But there was trouble on the horizon for Spencer. Two people in his town in Kansas objected to the “Little Library” so members of the town council declared it must be closed down.  Was Spencer determined to fight back? Yes  he was. He started a Facebook page that gathered encouraging comments from around the world, along with thousands of “likes.”  Fans sent him comments like: “Rock on, Spencer!” He and his dad were interviewed by local media.  What does Spencer think? “Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  He continued,”“I want them to change the law. That’s my main thought. I just don’t like it.. I think free little libraries are good for the town of  Leawood and I hope they will change the code.” I think it’s unfair because it’s really good to the community.”

It’s just been reported that the town committee will allow Spencer to keep his little library for now. They’ll make a final decision in a few months. If Spencer and his family hadn’t persisted in keeping their dream alive, I’m sure the little library would be gone.

Spencer was persistent about reaching his goal of making kid’s chapter books available to children. His friends and neighbors will enjoy borrowing kid’s chapter books, and other types of books because he persisted in telling the town officials why it was important to encourage kids to read.  Are you looking for other kid’s chapter books that encourage good values like being persistent, or setting goals? You would love the endearing tale of Charlie the Horse. Charlie has big dreams, but he must learn many important lessons if those dreams are to be realized. Charlie tells the story from his point of view so he’s quite amusing.


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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    Writers definitely need to persevere! Sometimes it’s a really long road!

    • That’s so true, Sherry, on both counts. It can be a very long journey for sure. But through perseverance we can achieve our goals. Wishing you a lovely weekend and continued success. Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend.

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