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If you write kid’s chapter books, you might choose to help others. You may donate part of the proceeds to help the less fortunate. Sometimes you make a small difference by donating spare change. There are other times when you’re a hero. Let’s talk about eleven year-old Zack Francom.  When he was about 7 years old, he helped raise money for a Mormon Church charity to buy a wheelchair for someone who couldn’t afford to buy one. Zack wanted to do much more.  He wanted to raise a lot of money on his own so needy people could have wheelchairs. He decided to make Lemonade and homemade cookies baked by his mom, Nancy. Zack set up Zack’s Shack and before long he had hundreds of happy customers lining up for his tasty treats during his Spring vacation. How did Zack discover his passion for helping others?  “I thought, ‘What if I couldn’t walk or run or ride my bike? What would that be like?’ ” he says. “I wanted to help make life easier for somebody who couldn’t walk or run and didn’t have money for a wheelchair to help them get around.”

Zack’s customers notice how much fun he has selling his tasty lemonade for $.50 a cup and cookies, which cost 2 for $1.00. One of his patrons said, “When you see the genuine fun he has in the work, you immediately realize that he feels just as happy and lucky as the wheelchair recipients,” he says. “Zack is the perfect example of how philanthropy changes the giver as well as the receiver.”  During this year’s fundraiser, Zack earned enough to buy 37 wheelchairs for people in Guatemala, Guam, and many other countries,where wheelchairs can cost as much as people earn in a whole year. Zack is certainly a young man with a generous spirit. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Zack wrote  kid’s chapter books about his charity work? 

If you’re looking for other kid’s chapter books that highlight the importance of helping others, you’d love Charlene the Star, as well as Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. Charlene the Star and her animal friends show children the importance of teamwork, sharing, and helping others. Charlene and her friends tell the story themselves. They entertain children, while helping them to learn important life lessons.

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