Great kid’s books: dream big

If you write great kid’s books  you must follow your dreams, even if you think the dream is too big,  or too unlikely to come true.  What if you’re discouraged? You’re feeling like you should quit dreaming about something that’s impossible. Consider Mackenzie Clare, whose  dream was to become a model. But that  dream was shattered when she was involved in a horrible accident, which put her in a wheelchair when she was just ten years old. She used to tell her mom “Nobody’s ever going to want me to be a model. I’m in a wheelchair and I can’t do all the things models need to do.” This beautiful red-headed girl felt that her dream would never be realized because of her handicap. But when Mackenzie was on her prom date with her boyfriend, she got the surprise of her life.  Professional photographer Kerri Lane was having dinner at the same restaurant. She was captivated by the gorgeous young lady with the flaming red hair who was on her prom date. Ms. Lane said that at first, she hadn’t noticed Mackenzie was in a wheelchair,so she was a bit shocked. But Kerri still felt she had found the perfect young lady to play the mermaid in her photo shoot. Mackenzie was thrilled to be approached about being in the photo shoot.  “She wasn’t being nosy or asking why I was in a wheelchair.” It was exciting to be asked about modeling, not why I was in a wheelchair.”

Kerri said that the photo shoot went so well that she would like to find similar opportunities  for Mackenzie. How does Mackenzie feel?  She admits her photo session was “magical” and it gave her a “huge confidence boost.” Now she believes she can become a successful model. She said, “It made me feel so special and good about myself. She is now clinging to the dream that she once thought would never happen. ” I’ve never seen models in wheelchairs on T V shows or in magazines. But now it’s feeling like it might be possible for me.”

Now you know that even big dreams like Mackenzie’s can come true.  I dreamed of writing great kid’s books to inspire children to do their best and never give up on their dreams. Are you looking for character-building books for your children? When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a champion horseback rider. I wrote an award-winning book about beating the odds called Tails of Sweetbrier. If you read it, I hope you’ll think it’s a great kid’s book.  it will show you that big dreams can come true. If you want great kid’s books that are fiction, please check into  Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star, and Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes.  I hope you enjoy them and you feel that they’re all great kid’s books. You can download a free chapter of Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes if you visit the “books” tab on this site.

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