Good kid’s books: Have faith in yourself

Let’s imagine that you’ve been trying to write good kid’s books, but every possible obstacle as blocked you. You’ve had writer’s block, you’ve been rejected so many times by publisher’s that you’re afraid to open the mailbox. Now you’re so discouraged you can’t imagine ever accomplishing your dream of creating good children’s books. Think about what happened to ten year-old Willie Myrick. He was kidnapped, but Willie believed he would survive the ordeal. Instead of being engulfed by fear, Willie used his musical talents to help him. Willie loves Gospel Music so he sang the song called “Every Praise” over and over again until the kidnapper became so annoyed that he pushed Willie out the car door to safety. Willie had faith that he would be fine, even in his horrifying circumstances. When he was interviewed about his ordeal he said he knew that he would be fine. When word spread about Willie’s experience, the Emmy-Winning songwriter,┬áHezekiah Walker, traveled all the way from New York City to Willie’s church in Georgia so that he could celebrate the miraculous ending to Willie’s story. Mr. Walker said, “You just never know who you’re going to touch. ┬áHe continued, “I’m just happy that Willie’s alive to celebrate his tenth birthday today. I want him to know that I love him.”

The next time you’re struggling to do something, think of Willie’s unshakable faith. You’ll need that faith to achieve great things. Are you looking for good kid’s books that encourage your child to do their best? They would love Charlie the Horse. Charlie has big dreams and he needs confidence to make them come true. Charlie tells the story from his point of view.He’s funny and entertaining, but it’s a good kid’s book that teaches important values.

copyright 2014 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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