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When you write good children’s books you may want them to promote good values. Maybe you want them to share something memorable, like being generous to others. Have you heard the incredible story of three year-old Emily James?  Emily decided she wanted to help other kids who are sick. She said, “Sometimes kids get sick and their hair falls out. That’s very very sad. I  don’t want any kids to be sad because they have no hair. What I want to do is give them some of my hair.” You can see that Emily is a little girl with a huge heart.

How did Emily get the idea? Her parents showed her some pictures of children with cancer who had lost their hair. Emily’s parents are hoping to encourage all of their children to be as kind and generous as Emily.Emily only had one special request. Her dolly, Rapunzel, had to get a hair cut too. When both of them  finished their haircuts, she said, “We look so pretty.  Don’ t you agree?

Ever since Emily has gotten her haircut, she and her mom are finding it much easier to care for her short bob. Seven inches of her hair were donated to The Canadian Cancer Society. Emily has received a thank you note from that organization for her extraordinary gift. When she gets older Emily could write  good kid’s books about the decision she made and how it helped others . Imagine how many children she could inspire with her wonderful true story.

Are you looking for good children’s  books that put the spotlight on helping others and sharing? Your child will delight in Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes. Charlene the Star and her animal friends need an exciting new career. You’ll be amazed at what they do and how much they share along the way. They find ways to share their talents that will astound your child, while they learn important lessons. I hope your child decides it’s one of the  good children’s  books that they cherish.

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    I’ve heard the story of this sweet girl. It’s amazing that a child so young would care about others like that.

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