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When you create non-fiction books for kids you can elaborate on any subject. Perhaps you want to write about an amazing sister who devotes her life to helping children. You might even craft great nonfiction books about making choices. Let’s consider the decision little 5 year-old “Faith” made last Christmas season.  The little girl, whom we will call “Faith” had gone to a store and accidentally broken an item.  What was she going to do? Could a child that young even realize they should be accountable for their mistake? “Faith” felt she should do something so the owner of the store knew that she wanted to make amends. She made the choice to write a note.  On a piece of lined she addressed the note to the store owner. The little girl  wrote,”I’m sorry I broke the Christmas bauble last Saturday. It costs 2 pounds. Here is the money for it. Sorry again, Faith, age 5.” At such a tender age this little girl wanted to do the right thing by being accountable for her actions. Little Faith created quite a  commotion on Twitter because so many people were amazed by her act kind act. The store owner was able to locate Faith’s mom, but her mother said she didn’t want her shy little girl’s true identity revealed. Don’t you imagine her mom was extremely proud?

If you’re looking for an award-winning non fiction book, you’ll love the true story, Tails of Sweetbrier. it’s a story that proves anything is possible. Yes, you can realize your dreams, even against the odds. The story began when my dad made the decision that changed my whole life.  It’s a good example of a non-fiction book that emphasizes the value of perseverance. It was the silver medal winner in the Feathered Quill Book Contest.

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