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Imagine you’ve always wanted to write children’s books. Is writing  what you love? Are you driven to create something spectacular? You must follow your dreams. Consider Brody Roybal, who was born without legs. He wanted to play sports and he tried baseball, but it wasn’t his favorite thing. Everything in his world changed when he was seven years old and he tried sled hockey. Brody joined the  youth sled hockey team called the Hornets. How did he manage to play? He used a special type of sled and shorter sticks to propel him on the ice. By the time Brody was 12, he proved that he had amazing skills. One of his coaches said, “I’m telling you right now. This kid has the potential to be the best that’s ever played the game.” Think about that statement. It certainly is an astounding testament to Brody’s abilities, isn’t it? Guess where those skills have led him? Brody is the youngest member on the U. S. Paralympic Sled Team at Sochi, Russia. Not only is Brody the youngest member, but he scored two goals on the gold medal US Paralympic Team in Russia!

Brody’s parents have done their best to encourage him to be as independent as possible.  But their son says he “appreciates now that many people he encounters respect his independence.” In many ways, Brody is a typical teenager at age 15. He hopes to drive, using hand controls. You can see that Brody doesn’t dwell on his disability. He’s proud and considers himself “Lucky enough to go to the olympics.” It’s a dream come true for him, and one he’s worked diligently toward for several years. He works on honing his skills on the ice every morning before school.  But that’s not all. He works out in the gym because his upper body strength must be excellent in order for him to excel at sled hockey.

If you dream of creating wonderful children’s books, follow your heart. I thought I’d never write children’s books that would be loved and treasured. But my first one, Tails of Sweetbrier, is a true story that  won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill  Book Awards contest!  This story is about the fact you can beat the odds and live your dream, if you never give up.

copyright 2014 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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