great kid’s books: Friendship is key

Imagine that you want to write great kid’s books that highlight friendship.  If you need reminders of the virtues of friendship, consider the story of Dylan Siegel. Little seven year-old Dylan’s best friend, Jonah, has a rare liver disease, for which no cure is available. Dylan learned that funding for research had disappeared, so he decided to take action. Are you wondering what he did? He wrote a book called The Chocolate Bar to raise money to find a cure for Jonah’s disease, Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1B. There are only 500 children in the world who have this sickness. Jonah must be fed through a feeding tube every few hours to keep his blood sugar from being dangerously low.  Are you wondering how Dylan got the title for his great kid’s book? He said his friendship with Jonah is “as awesome as a chocolate bar!” Isn’t that amazing? Dylan already knows how precious friendship can be. To date, Jonah has raised over $600,000 dollars from world-wide sales of his book. Every cent of the money goes to a lab run by Dr. David Weinstein, who is close to finding a cure for Jonah’s disease. Dr. Weinstein recently said,”It is now a reality. It is not just a dream that these children can be cured.”

Dylan was interviewed recently and one question was, “Where do you think you’ll be in 10-15 years?” Dylan’s answer was,” Um, high school and Jonah’s disease will probably be cured.” Jonah’s answer was that they would be “friends.”

Friendships are to be cherished. Are you looking for great kid’s  books that put teamwork and friendship in the spotlight? In my book, Charlene the Star, Charlene not only discovers her natural abilities, but she works as a team with her animal friends, Wooliam, Elliott, and Hattie,  just to mention a few. The little animals get an amazing idea, which will help others. In the sequel, Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, the animals launch an exciting  new career and do many good things for their community. I hope you check them out and agree that they are great kid’s books.

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  1. Sarah Mazor says:

    Incredible. Great post, inspiring and full of hope. Thank you Deanie.

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