Role model: Mikaela Shiffrin

As an author, try to improve your children’s books, every time you present them. You hope that each story is more captivating than the last. Mikaela Shiffrin is a world champion skier. Today, she added a new title: Olympic Champion, at eighteen years old! She has set a record for being the youngest Olympic god medal winner ever! Obviously, Mickaela has a great deal of natural talent, but she also has a wisdom beyond her years. She strives to improve with every race. She’s a role model for other athletes and/or young people with big dreams. She realizes it’s not only about the medals and awards. The path to success must include learning and improving if you want to maintain your edge in competition.  Before her races, Mikaela imagines the course and what can go wrong from start to finish.  She imagines how she can negotiate the course quicker than anyone. But she also has a quiet confidence. Mikaela studies the techniques of skiing legends she admires like Bode Miller and Lindsay Vonn. She knows her abilities. She believes that she can win, against the best in the world.

Mikaela’s mom, Eileen, told reporters that her daughter was feeling a bit under the weather with a cold. She mentioned that Mikaela was feeling the pressure of being an Olympic favorite. She said that, “Nerves were funny. You can be fine one minute and awful the next.”

“Mikaela proved that she could manage the excitement of the moment. ““I was pretty relaxed,” she said. “Thank goodness, because there are a couple of points throughout the day where I was like,” and she mimicked a panicked breathing, as if she was hyperventilating. “ ‘Oh my God, here we go.’ But no, I was relaxed in the start, and that was awesome.”

I admire so many things about Mikaela’s personality.   I love that she’s humble and always looking to improve her skills, even though she’s a world champion. Also, she never stops reaching for her goals. She works just as hard today as she did when she began her skiing career. She’s a perfect role model for anyone who strives to excel in their craft.

Mikaela has already won a gold medal in this year’s Olympics.  She also didn’t place in one event yesterday, but has always, she handled her defeat with grace and dignity. She knows she did her best and more chances for victory are ahead.

(C) Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 2014

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    To produce your very best work, it is necessary to revise over and over until you get it right.

  2. Sarah Mazor says:

    Great post.
    Few authors produce perfect manuscript in one sitting, if any. Even short children’s books require edits and re-edits, and can always be improved upon.
    Thanks, Deanie. A wonderful read, as always!

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