Great kid’s books: anything is possible

If you want to write great kid’s books, but you’re thinking the dream is too gigantic to even consider, remember that all things are possible. You’re still not convinced? Think about the story of Kevin Grow. He’s eighteen years old and has Downs Syndrome. He’s been manager of the Bensalem High School basketball team for the past four years, but he was disappointed that he never played  in a game. He wanted to help his team in any way possible. At the end of the season, everyone wanted to show Kevin how much they appreciated his efforts, so he was put in the game. Guess what happened? He scored 14 points! That wasn’t all the excitement. He managed to score a three-pointer, just ahead of the buzzer! Everyone was stunned. Kevin’s reaction was, “I hit the buzzer beater and it’s party time in the locker room!”  Party they did, with everyone jumping up and down with glee. Kevin has been a star in Special Olympics, but now he had his moment in the spotlight with his team. Way to go, Kevin!

It’s easy to let fear consume you and forget that anything is possible. I remember thinking it wouldn’t be possible to get my first book, Tails of Sweetbrier published. But I thought it would be one of the great kid’s books because it carries an important message. When this true story was published in a second edition, it won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards! Tails of Sweetbrier is my journey from a handicapped child to a champion horseback rider. I hope you choose it as one of your favorite great kid’s books.

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