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If you’re dreaming of writing children’s books, you must believe in yourself and your abilities. If you’re not sure of the power of trusting your beliefs, think of sixteen year-old Malala Yousefzai. She was born in Pakistan. She was so passionate about the value of education for young girls that she started blogging about it when she was only eleven years old. Unfortunately, her town was controlled by the Taliban, who do not allow girls or women to be educated. Malala’s school was closed for several months. She was being interviewed on television when she said, “All I want is an education.” Several months later, the Pakistani government regained control of the area and Malala’s school was reopened. ¬†Although she understood that it was dangerous to voice your opinion because of the Taliban influence, she never wavered. She believed she was doing the right thing. It was the Taliban who were fearful of this small girl with the invincible spirit. In fact, they were so afraid that one of them entered her school bus and shot her in the head! But Malala survived and even wrote a book called, I am Malaha, detailing her life before and after the shooting. Her book is the reason for a new course at George Washington University, about the importance of education for girls. Malala is a symbol of courage and shows that one young girl can change the world. She has begun a fund to encourage people to be active in promoting education in their towns.

When I’m writing children’s books, I try to have a little quiet confidence. I have to believe in myself or the lack of conviction will show in my work. Even though I was full of doubt that my first children’s book, Tails of Sweetbrier would succeed, I was convinced the message needed to be shared. I want kids to know that if you persevere, anything is possible. Tails of Sweetbrier is a true story of my journey from a handicapped child to a champion horseback rider. It was the winner of the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards contest. I hope it’s one of your favorite children’s books.

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