Kid’s books: Trust your intuition

When you write kid’s books you should trust your intuitions. If you listen to your inner voice, you’re usually right. Danny DiPietro tested his intuition and became a hero. His dad was driving him home from a hockey game recently in Michigan. Danny noticed a garage door open and thought he saw a dog in the garage. He reasoned that no one would have their garage door open in that kind of weather. Danny thought he saw  a shape in there that looked like a dog. He tried convincing his dad to stop. He said,” Something is just not right.” When he arrived home, he persisted.  Danny recounted the story to his mom. At first, she thought it was probably nothing at all. But Danny never gave up. Finally, he convinced his mom to walk back to the apartment, not far from their home.  Danny’s mom discovered an elderly lady, Kathleen St. Onge, had slipped on some ice in her garage and couldn’t get up. Danny’s mom quickly ran home to get her husband,call 911  ask  a neighbor to help.She was quickly transported to the hospital, where she is recovering from her injuries. Danny’s intuition had saved Kathleen’s life and Danny is now a local hero.

What if you’re not sure whether you have the talent to write kid’s books? The only way to find out for sure is to try. When you write, do you feel happy and fulfilled? Does your inner voice tell you that you are doing the right thing? If your intuition is telling you to keep writing kid’s books, you should listen. I listened to the feeling that I should write kid’s books and it helped me decide to write stories to encourage children. It was the little push I needed to convince myself to try writing Tails of Sweetbrier, which has become an award-winning story. Nothing would have happened unless I took the risk to try. Kathleen St. Onge may have died if Danny had ignored his intuition. Danny is also an observant young man. Suppose he hadn’t noticed the garage door being opened and thought he saw something else? You need to notice flaws in your writing as well. Have you used too many adverbs? Do you see the same words several times? Is the dialogue interesting? Check all these things to be sure you are presenting your best work.

copyright Deanie Humphrys-Dunne 2014

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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    What a wise young man! I’m glad he decided to follow his intuition!

  2. You definitely have to listen to that inner voice, eh? I think we get so distracted as adults that we forget to pause and listen. Kids are awesome.

    • I agree, Crystal. it’s so important to listen to those little intuitions. If I hadn’t done that, maybe I wouldn’t have become an author. The little boy in this story did a great job and deserves to be a hero. Thank you so much for stopping by to see my new site. Wishing you a great day.

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