Good Children’s books: Try new things

Suppose your dream is to write good children’s books, but you’ve tried and failed. Maybe you can find a different way of doing things. That’s something George Dennehy does every day of his life. George is 18 years old.  He was born without arms.  He didn’t let that hamper his dream of becoming a  musician.  He learned to play the guitar with his feet!  He does everything with is feet that some of us do  with our hands. He uses them to eat, wash his hair, and type. George says,”I want music to be my career. I have the opportunity to speak/play at different events or churches, you name it! I’m hoping big things will happen.” He recorded his version of  “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls earned him the Strawberry Faire Scholarship. George looks forward to speaking and performing at churches, on television, and anywhere else he can. George had expected to be starting college, but instead, he became and internet sensation after people listed to him singing and playing his music on UTube.

When I’m in the process of writing good children’s books, I try to find an interesting way to present the story so that it will be memorable.  For example, in my fictional books Charlie the Horse, Charlene the Star, and Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes, readers learn about the animals’ amusing thoughts because the stories are told by the characters themselves. The embark on humorous adventures, full of important lessons. Finding creative ways to present your work is one of the ways you can create good children’s books. I love to entertain children with good children’s books that help them learn important things.

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