children’s books: Fear is the enemy


Let’s imagine that you want to write  children’s  books. Fear of  unfavorable comments can discourage us from presenting our work at all.  It  is the enemy here so how do we defeat it? You  need to take risks because otherwise you won’t do what you love. How many of you remember Davion Only? He’s fifteen years-old and he had spent his whole life in foster care. He knew that the odds were against anyone adopting him. Couples usually prefer younger children. Davion decided to work harder is school, lose weight, and have a positive attitude. He was going to take a big risk. He chose to speak to hundreds of people in his church and plead for a family to adopt him. He said he’d take someone” “Old, young, black white, any color; I just want a family.” His story hit the headlines and guess what happened? He was adopted in time for Christmas! He even took a vacation with his new adoptive family! Perhaps one day he’ll choose to write children’s books about his journey.

Imagine how difficult it was for Davion to take that risk. But he figured he had to do everything humanly possible to find a family of his own. I remember feeling a  little like that when I was writing the first of my children’s books, Tails of Sweetbrier.  There were all kinds of fears that needed to be overcome. First, I was afraid no one would publish it. After that, I feared no one would like it. But guess what happened? Tails of Sweetbrier won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards contest. That never would have occurred if I hadn’t taken the first step. No matter what your dreams are, go after them and don’t let fear stop you. If you love writing children’s books, or something else, remember anything is possible, if you persevere.

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  1. Sarah Mazor says:

    Yet another inspirational story.
    Reading about your (blog) kids reminds one of proper perspective. Thanks!
    Love your posts.

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