Great kid’s books: Never give up on your dreams

If you want to write great kid’s books, you must never give up on your dream. You may think the journey to success is too hard. But if you give up, the only sure thing is that you won’t reach your goal. Would you like an example of two young ladies who never give up? Consider the story of Grace and Anna Glenn, who had bowed legs and poor gross motor skills when they were first adopted from China. They discovered their passion for gymnastics when they were invited to watch a friend in a competition. But instead of watching, they  wanted to do everything their friend did! At first, they took lessons once a week, but more and more lessons were added, until they were finally asked to join the team. In the beginning of their journey, Grace seemed to have more natural talent for their sport, but that could be because Anna’s progress was halted when she caught pneumonia.

Today, at fifteen years old, Anna and Grace have big dreams. Anna is hoping to qualify for the Nastia Liukin Cup and Grace is hoping for a top five finish in the National Gymnastics competition.  Grace has met Nastia Luikin, a Champion Gymnast who likes to encourage future gynmasts.  Nastia said that her mom said that Nastia could quit gymnastics if she wanted, but not after having a bad day. Nastia admits that she thought of quitting after a bad day, but she never felt that way after a good day of practice or competition.

Like Nastia’s parents, I try to focus on my goal, which is to write great kid’s books. My parents taught my sisters and I never to give up on our dreams. In fact, giving up on anything wasn’t an option. The first  of my kid’s books was award-winning Tails of Sweetbrier.  It will show you that anything is possible if you never give up on your dreams. During my journey from a handicapped child to a horseback riding champion, I had many opportunities to give up on my dream. But that wouldn’t help me reach my goal. If I’d given up on writing the book, it wouldn’t have won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book Awards Contest. I hope if you read Tails of Sweetbrier, it will be one of your favorite great kid’s books.


copyright 2014 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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  1. Sherry Ellis says:

    It’s important to have a dream, and to persevere until you achieve it.

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