great kid’s books: Finding your passion

If you’re an author, you dream about creating great kid’s books because writing is your passion. You’ve developed a good work ethic, just like skiing champion, Mikaela Shiffrin. You realize that you must constantly strive to improve your skills.

Mikaela Shiffrin started skiing when she was just six years old. She worked toward perfection. Skiing has always been her passion. That’s why it doesn’t seem like work. Even though she’ll be going to Sochi, Russia next month for the Olympics,  her goal has always been to keep polishing her skills, not necessarily to win a medal. Mikaela says,  “My parents always made things fun when we were growing up. We always smiled and laughed.” But Mikaela also helped re- install their whole lawn and paint their house when she was only ten years old. Her parents taught her the value of hard work. That’s one thing that helped make her the youngest World skiing Champion when she was seventeen years old. She has talked about competing in one skiing competition when she had a less than outstanding run.  Her legs felt heavy.She remembers not even wanting to ski in the next event. She felt like going home. Instead, she was able to refocus on her work and have a great second run in that competition. Her work ethic and natural talent helped her recover from disappointment.

As an author, I’ve had good and bad days. I’ve had my work rejected by publishers. I’ve revised my work until I was practically cross-eyed and felt like not enough happened to improve it. But I’m passionate about my writing and I want to create as many great kid’s books as possible. The first of my great kid’s books was award-winning Tails of Sweetbrier.It’s a true story of a little girl who wanted nothing more than becoming a champion horseback rider, in spite of her handicap. It’s actually my story. It’s full of exciting events, triumphs, tragedy, and disappointments. If you read it, I hope you’ll decide it was worthy of the Feathered Quill Book Award that it won this year.  I’d love it if you chose it as one of your favorite good kid’s books.

*update on this story: Mikaela is the almost certainly the World Alpine Skiing champion this year. She has earned many awards and is still just twenty-one years old. She’s kept her humility and still strives for improvement every time she competes.

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  1. Wish her all the best at the Olympics. With that kind of determination, she’s sure to succeed as a writer, too.

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