Non-fiction books for kids: Find an inspirational subject

If you want to write wonderful non-fiction books for kids, you need an inspirational subject. Tim Harris would a perfect person for a great non-fiction kid’s book. Many people feel that non-fiction books for kids are boring, but not if you’re writing about someone like Tim Davis.

Tim has won dozens of medals in Special Olympics,but that’s definitely not all he’s accomplished.  Not only  was he elected homecoming King, but  also the staff and students chose Tim to be Student of the Year,by the largest margin in history! He is a college graduate. Today, Tim is still achieving remarkable things. He’s the owner of Tim’s Place Restaurant, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tim has the honor of being the only restaurant owner in America with Down’s Syndrome. He loves his work so much that he dances in the parking lot, every morning! His passion is part of what drives his success.  Good job, Tim! He’s such a terrific role model for  everyone he meets.

As a children’s author, my goal is to inspire children with stories that are also entertaining. My non-fiction book is an award-winning autobiography called Tails of Sweetbrier. It’s a story true story that will inspire you to do your best. It’s full of excitement with some humor, tragedy, disappointment and victories. Tails of Sweetbrier won the silver medal in the Feathered Quill Book awards this year. I’d like it to encourage you so that you know anything is possible and you can win against huge odds. If you read the book, you’ll find out what my dad did that changed my life. Nothing would be the same without his decision. I’d love to know your thoughts on it. What was your favorite part of this non-fiction book?

copyright 2014 Deanie Humphlrys-Dunne

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  1. says:

    Thank you, Carla. Tim is an exceptional person and so are you. D

  2. Sherry Ellis says:

    Tim is certainly an inspiration! Thanks for sharing about him!

  3. Sarah Mazor says:

    Thank you Deanie, for sharing Tim’s story. What a remarkable young man!
    Keep them coming and bring on the smiles.

    • says:

      Thank you, Sarah! That’s the plan-keep writing and giving you something to smile about! I always appreciate your marvelous comments. )

  4. Hi Deanie, Tim is a phenomenal young man and kids, as well as adults, will certainly be inspired by his story!

    • says:

      I think so as well, Quanie. He is amazing and such a wonderful role model for everyone. Thank you so much for visiting my new website. I’m honored that you left a comment, too! All the best to you.

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