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Imagine that you’d like to write a great kid’s book to captivate your readers. How can you do that? If you find an engaging true story, like sixteen year old  Alex Johnson’s, you may be on your way to creating a great kid’s book. Alex is legally blind, but she’s been riding horses since she was five years old Isn’t that amazing? She dreamed of finding a horse who would be reliable in any situation so they could win in horse shows. Alex realized this would not be easy.

“After having my pony refuse so many jumps at shows, I needed a horse I could trust to do his job in the  ring, ” Alex said during an interview. Clearly, Alex needed a different experience.

Alex, her mom, Lynn, and her trainer, Michelle, set out to find a suitable horse. After looking at over 30 horses, with no success, Alex considered quitting. But then they met Gent A Babe, a failed racehorse with a gentle disposition. Alex said,”I wasn’t very optimistic at first, but when I finished riding  I had a gut feeling, he’s the one!” Alex and Rascal, as he nicknamed him, have won many awards together.

When you’re creating a great kid’s book, remember to help readers relate to your main character’s situation. Use dialogue to move your story forward. Help your readers get to know your main character’s personality. If you were writing about Alex and Rascal, describe how Alex felt when she couldn’t find  a suitable horse. This will help readers empathize with her. Help them to feel like they are there with Alex every step of the way. If your readers can’t stop turning the pages, you know you’ve captivated them with a great kid’s book!

copyright 2014 Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


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  1. Carla Burke says:

    Deanie, you are a fantastic writer and I know you touch a lot of children’s lives through your books ~ including my own!

    Keep up the great writing!

    • says:

      Thank you, Carla. You’re so sweet to leave me a special comment. One of my first on my new website! I appreciate it a great deal.

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