Good kid’s books should feature inspiring true stories


Good kid’s books should feature inspiring true stories. Consider the  incredible true story of Sarah Murnaghan, who was born with Cystic Fibrosis.  She was clinging to life when she received a successful double lung transplant. She knows she’s one tough little girl. When asked about that, she said “Every time I faced something that I thought would be hard, I’ve done it.” Sarah is recovering well from her surgery. She dreams of playing soccer and learning to ride horses. She said she’s not asking for”Things to be easy, only that things are possible.”

Sarah is remarkable.  I’ll bet she can do anything she wants!

Do you want to learn about another  amazing young lady? Madison Root’s story rocketed her to fame. She wanted to help her parents pay for her new braces by selling hand-made clusters of mistletoe at the local park. But the supervisor there said she couldn’t sell anything without a permit. Instead, he suggested she beg for donations.  Madison and her dad decided to change the course of things by going to the local paper with their story.  There was a huge amount of support for Madison. People suggested other places she could sell her items. She was featured in radio and television interviews.  She sold thousands of dollars worth of mistletoe because she was determined to earn money  rather than have it donated to her. Isn’t Madison a wonderful example of a young lady with great values?

These are two examples of inspiring true stories that motivate  children while teaching them important life lessons. I’ve written 4 children’s books. One of my goals is to make them good kid’s books that uplift readers and inspire them to work hard, set goals, and help others. One of my books is a true story about beating the odds, like Sarah and Madison did. My book is called Tails of Sweetbrier. It’s about my journey from a handicapped child to a champion horseback rider. I hope it’s one of your favorite good kid’s books and that it encourages you to always reach for the stars because anything is possible!

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  1. Sarah Mazor says:

    Incredible little girls.
    Wow.. two winners!

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